XLPE cable made on the CCV line

Black Sea Technology Inc is a subsidiary of Baicheng Fujia Technology Co. Ltd, servicing the U.S. and other American markets and providing sales and technical support to its customers in the American continent.

We specialize in the extrusion equipment for plastic and rubber insulated cables in the following areas:

- Low, medium and high voltage cable extrusion line
- Extra-high voltage power cable line

- 6 to 35kV catenary CCV line
- 10 -110-132kV  dry-cure CCV line
- 35- 500kV vertical CCV line

- Triple-layer co-extrusion rubber CCV line
- Rubber cable extrusion series
- Plastic insulating and jacketing lines

The company makes the following equipment for the wire and cable industry:

- 45 mm - 200 mm extruders
- Triple extrusion crossheads
- Single and co-extrusion crossheads
- Wheel type and belt wrap capstans

- Caterpillars
- Rotating caterpillars
- Cooling troughs
- Payoffs
- Take-ups
- Horizontal and vertical accumulators

The company also supplies the following cable equipment:

- 2500 roll form single stranding line
- Longitudinal Al armoring line
- Interlock armoring line
- Corrugated interlock armoring line